Deploy a E-commerce Smart AI Assistant to improve customer retention & loyalty
Have a E-commerce Smart AI Assistant operating 24/7/365

At Turabit, we build intelligent conversational AI Chatbot for E-commerce business by integrating Natural Language technology that uses historical data of customers from enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, and support channels. Our skilled team of E-commerce Virtual Agent developers can develop productive Smart AI Assistant that generate valuable insights to improve business efficiency.

Get automated E-commerce customer service experience with our Smart AI Assistant

Offer control to your customers

  • 24/7/365 support and self-service
  • Standard cross-channel and mobile user experience
  • Personalized and useful offers
  • Quicker and secured transaction
  • Up-to-the-minute visibility and accessibility

Provide Uniqueness

  • Provide uniqueness and convenience that turns visitors into customers
  • Simplify searching for products, order tracking, support by offering chat or voice service
  • Acquire the majority of the market share and improve the exposure of your brand with scalable as well as personalized approach

Accelerate your ROI in just 60 days

  • Propel the speed of marketing your products by partnering with us for Smart AI Assistant implementation.
  • Eliminate full system replacement and improve ongoing automation as well as investment in personalization.

What will you get?

Omnichannel retailing
Let you customers grab and convert each and every opportunity by deploying a Conversational AI Chatbot for apps, social channels, websites, and more.
Legacy E-commerce systems
Connect your E-commerce Conversational AI Chatbot with your legacy systems with the help of powerful APIs.
NLP technology
Enable your customers to instantly interact with your business brand, buy products, and get personalized service through an amazing conversational user interface (UI).
Secured transactions
Have a Virtual Agent with the host of benefits such as secured Smart AI Assistant messaging, built-in access controls, eDiscovery data retention, user authentication, and more.
Generate and manage actionable data
Convert your data into unique insights with our Customer Service Bot that can help you in offering customers with personalized offers, recommend products and service and leaving no stone unturned in acquiring customers.


Turabit can help you to build customer service bot across top social messaging channels to touch base your customers. By the virtue of our team, we can design, develop, and deploy customized virtual agent that kindle customer experience as well as engagement. The Smart AI Assistant build by us constantly learns from day-to-day conversations and help you to make your customers experience seamless. 

Get in touch with our team of Artificial Intelligence experts to build a Smart AI Assistant for your E-commerce business that enables your customers to browse the products effortlessly and buy them rapidly round-the-clock.

Capture requirements and test accessibility to your systems
Capture requirements and test accessibility to your systems
Week 1
Week 1
Provide out of the box feature
Provide out of the box feature
Week 2
Week 2
Train NLP, developer customized use cases and Test
Train NLP, developer customized use cases and Test
Week 3
Week 3
Week 4
Week 4

Top-class E-commerce Smart AI Assistant features to excel your customer service

Searching and shopping

Search for specific product
Narrow down search results by categorizing
Buy products (Checkout)
Add products to the cart
View products in the cart
Remove/ delete/ empty cart
Manage wishlist

Support and service

Request to connect with human customer rep
Ask questions (frequently asked questions)

To start with

Greetings and assistance
Identifying the shopper and account set up
Account management

Offer personalization

Cross-selling and upselling
Promoting special offers
Abandoned cart alert