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Be available for your customers 24x7
Managing the customer queries – This seems easy, but is it?

Customers are the first and the center of the business. All enterprises small or big, are now taking the customer-centric approach. Incorporating steps to understand the customer, building strategies, and robust approach upon the understanding gained. Customer centricity is much as a strategy as a culture. Successful organizations with their focus on customers realize higher retention rates, more referrals, larger customer lifetime value, and ultimately greater revenue.

Businesses have now taken the global route. Customers are available around the globe in different time zones. Customer interactions have evolved from the contact form to phone calls and email to live chats. All these channels are proven to be a huge cost to the service providers majorly due to the dependency on humans and associated labor costs. These mediums also stance a challenge to automation and analysis which is critical for the growth of any business.

As an integral part of businesses, organizations now are moving to provide fast and better customer services by automizing these human-controlled activities. The implementation of chatbots and virtual assistants has reinforced customer service. Artificial Intelligence advancements in these tools have thrived the entire process and also saved a huge cost. This intelligent and forever learning assistant powered with artificial intelligence simulates a natural conversation with the customer. It can be hard for the customers to differentiate if they are interacting with a human or any virtual agent.

Let us see how Turabit CX AI assistant can add value to customer service.

The Turabit CX AI Assistant is built with industry understanding and context-driven conversational resolutions for verticals across Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Managed Service providers, Tourism, etc. With more than a million engagements with 150K users served, Turabit CX AI Assistant has successfully uplifted 88% in employee satisfaction score.

Customers expect support from the customer service and expect them to be empathetic – the ones who can resolve their queries. Turabit AI-enabled system will ensure that precise communication in the correct manner is served to the customers while predicting if their queries were resolved or not. This data can help businesses advance their support structure.

Turabit CX AI Assistant can automate fully or partially all the routine queries handled by human agents. This boosts the self-service levels of the business which is attractive for the customers and also results in cost-saving. the virtual and live agents work collaboratively so that the AI Assistant learns by itself and starts taking over the interactions.

Be available for your customers 24x7

In the golden age of AI, we have only scratched the top surface of its endless possibility. The expectation of the customers is increasing and to meet them, businesses have turned towards AI technology and its capabilities. With the integration of the AI assistants, Customer experience gets amplified and businesses can focus on more complex and critical human intelligent tasks.

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