Develop a Smart AI Assistant that makes approach to learning & teaching simpler
Smart AI Assistant to make education more conversational

At Turabit, we can deliver an AI-powered Smart AI Assistant that facilitates the kind of interactive learning and teaching experiences that increases personalization as well as engagement. Students would receive alerts to work on their learning material, send timely reminders, and track the performance and progress of the student. Also, teachers can schedule personalized messages for their students, give them reminders regarding the upcoming tests, and send them the results.

Role of Smart AI Assistant in education industry:

Automates human feedback on essays
Repeats old lessons in spaced interval
Help teachers to stay updated with new standards & assessment models
Respond to students' queries rapidly and accurately
Provide student-centric advice
Update students about deadlines, curriculums, and deadlines

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Business benefits of using an education Smart AI Assistant

Save time, resources, and cost
Respond to hundreds of thousands of frequently asked questions about the institute
Help in sharing brochures, filling applications and explaining fees structure
Marketing tool available 24x7x365
Assign program/course schedules and accept term fees

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