Health Care
Create a Smart AI Assistant to improve care delivery and patient satisfaction
Boost patient workflows & patient experience

Turabit can offer a robust solution to the healthcare industry in the form of a Smart AI Assistant that can make way patients’ interaction with doctors or any healthcare organization seamless. Patients can avail solutions faster for their health related questions and can therefore take steps promptly in their critical conditions. A Smart AI Assistant specifically created for healthcare and patient care can effortlessly perform some of the tasks on a behalf of patients, enabling smoother interaction on both the sides.

Role of Smart AI Assistant in healthcare:

Support patients in checking symptoms
Give reminders to patients about their appointment
Offer assistance for scheduling appointments
Help patients to quickly contacts via EMR-to-patient portal
Allow patients to easily refill prescriptions, pay bills, and take action on notifications
Deliver lab test and procedure results and suggest next steps
Offer expedient help across all channels – email, text, phone, website, mobile app

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Business benefits of using a healthcare Smart AI Assistant

Increase the speed of care delivery
Offer instant response for patients
Enhance patient engagement and satisfaction
Less documentation and paperwork
Easy-to-use systems for physicians and medical officers
Support patients in claiming insurance