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How to support more customer without increasing Employee headcount

Every business aspires to have a loyal customer base since it is the benchmark of success. Are you looking to create loyal customers, rav`ing fans for your business?

I am sure you do.

A raving fan is the one that stays with you through thick and thin; which means they know your business, trust your product, and most important have amazing customer service. There are substantial research and data available that clearly indicates that an average customer is ready to pay more for a particular product from a company that offers good customer service.

This begs the question of how the customer support system be improved without increasing support headcount and significant cost in this era where finding and retaining support employees becoming increasingly difficult.

We have earlier shared how the pandemic Covid-19 has pushed businesses irrespective of shape, size, and nature to adopt an aggressive stance towards digital transformation across North America and Globally.

Automation consists of a major share of this digital transformation. The below chart indicates automation adoption in different departments.

For example, a company can save time to bid from three weeks to just two hours by automating the pre-bidding processes. The shift from manual entries to predesigned proposal templates and populating them with ERP data resulted in higher customer satisfaction and an increase in significant savings.

Similarly, automating the customer service department can cut down costs and increase customer satisfaction significantly. Let us examine how.

How Do AI Assistants Cut Down Employment Costs?

Chatbots can save up to 30% in customer support

Source: BI Intelligence, The Chatbots Explainer, 2016

The above figure clearly shows the potential savings of approximately $23 billion achieved in the US because of the immense capacity of chatbots to automate 30% of the tasks executed by customer service staff.

As is mentioned above that with an AI-powered chatbot with an embedded machine learning engine, the day-to-day repetitive mundane queries and concerns can be handled by the self-service chatbot.

This essentially means a large chunk of human resources gets freed from that desk and can subsequently be engaged for other higher-level business functions better critical for the success of your organization.

This is a good enough reason for businesses to adopt AI CX smart assistants to cut down substantial labor costs. But if you might be wondering whether chatbots are not ready as they are not giving human touch, check out below.

How Will Chatbots Give Human Conversational Touch?

Concerns about chatbots getting stuck or not answering appropriate is valid. Because we know that when a customer leaves, they are gone forever. It is not surprising that 91% of unsatisfied customers never return to the brand.

That is when AI-powered CX Assistant comes into the picture and more and more businesses are adopting new technologies and customers are enjoying quick services. But what is AI-powered CX AI, Assistant?

Rules-based Versus Smart CX AI Assistants:

Customer service automation can be done in basically two different ways, rule-based chatbots and smart customer experience (CX) AI assistants.

1st – Rule-Based Chatbots –

It is considered your customers’ worst enemy. They are characterized by predefined programs and canned responses while interacting with customers. The rule-based chatbot can handle only the kind of customer requests that follow a specific path.

So, anything that is not programmed into this bot, will either respond with an error message, give the wrong message, or gets stuck.

2nd – CX AI Chatbots –

In this age of customer service AI automation, the chatbot is programmed with sophisticated technology such as natural language processing [NLP] and natural language understanding [NLU] capabilities. This enables the customer service AI chatbots to understand the intent behind a query. Thereby coming up with an appropriate response to the customer.

The above is a classic example of an intent-based response. This kind of response makes customer self-service more streamlined and gives a sense of content in terms of user experience to the customers. They feel empowered.

Turabit’s Machine Learning (ML) based bots ingest and analyze customer data and respond appropriately. Here is a glance how why Turabit’s clients love our CX AI Assistants and adopt them rapidly.

How Turabit AI assistant Will Help to Serve More Customers Efficiently?

For a state-of-the-art CX AI smart assistant it is imperative to save cost and meet customer satisfaction at the same time. Terabit’s AI assistant meets both. Statistics speak for themselves:

10k+ Processes, Issues Automated; 100k+ Hours Saved; 1000+ Out of box Automated Resolutions

Turabit’s RPA combined with AI capabilities empowers customers to self-service most issues and automate front office and backend processes.

Turabit can help you to build a customer service bot across top social messaging channels to touch base with your customers.

Turabit’s unique Smart CX AI assistant opens the door for: 

  • Omnichannel retailing

Let your customers grab and convert each and every opportunity by deploying a conversational AI Chatbot for apps, social channels, websites, and more.

  • NLP technology

Enable your customers to instantly interact with your business brand, buy products, and get personalized service through an amazing conversational user interface (UI).

  • Secured transactions

Have a Virtual Agent with a host of benefits such as secured Smart AI Assistant messaging, built-in access controls, eDiscovery data retention, user authentication, and more.

  • Generate and manage actionable data

Convert your data into unique insights with our Customer Service Bot that can help you in offering customers personalized offers, recommend products and services,s and leave no stone unturned in acquiring customers.

Turabit believes in handing the control over to the customer. Hence embedding Turabit Smart CX AI Assistant in your sales and support process will go a long way in efficient customer service and establishing your brand value.

Let’s connect so we can customize your CX AI Assistant for your need to transform your customer’s experience and customer support team life from mundane to meaningful, from the long wait to instant service, and from 10 hours of service to 24 x 7 service.

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