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The adoption of Voice AI Technology is increasing day by day. Almost eight billion digital voice assistants will be available in the world by 2024, which is more than the world’s population, according to Statista. Voice AI assistants are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience and accessibility. So now is the right time for businesses to adopt voice AI strategies. Let’s look at how Voice AI Assistants will transform enterprises in 2022.

Voice AI: What is it?

Compiling numbers, sorting through files; dealing with endless phone calls; are some of the terrifying tales people hear at the office.

Most redundancies in the workplace have been eliminated by technology and innovation, but a few still exist. With Artificial Intelligence as the driving force behind this endeavor, automation played a significant role.

In areas like customer support and daily administration, AI has slowly but steadily streamlined workflows that were once burdened with redundancy. Now, emerging technology is set to drive efficiency through the roof – AI-powered voice technology.

Although voice technology has existed for a long time, its popularity has skyrocketed recently. The advantages of integrating voice technology are almost limitless.

How does a Voice AI assistant work?

It is easy to forget that AI was not so mainstream when Siri and Cortana were introduced. That brings the question, exactly how does an AI-powered Voice Assistant work?

An intelligent voice assistant analyzes human language, usage trends, and experiences to create conversational AI voice tools. Their primary functionality relies on voice and text recognition. An AI Voice Assistant is nothing more than a synthetic voice that converts text into human-sounding speech based on task-based algorithms. Users request information from their Intelligent Voice Assistant. As a result, the Assistant separates the user’s voice from any noise or disturbance. As the Voice AI works along its neural pathways, it is similar to a human neuron, and it analyzes and understands the question asked by the user and formulates a response from there. Finally, the Voice AI communicates the response as the final output. Some familiar Voice AI Assistant companies include Burger King, Uber, and Whirlpool.

The Use Cases

Several technologies within Voice AI may be helpful in different business functions. The more employees use a Voice AI Assistant, the better it gets. Some of the widespread use cases for voice assistants within an enterprise include:

  • Conversational Voice AI Assistants to resolve customer queries
  • Voice Bio-metric Mechanisms to access confidential information
  • Voice to Text (Dictation) for logging user interactions
  • Voice-based reminders to improve staff productivity
  • Opinion Mining by analyzing customer’s speech, emotions, and tone
  • Creating meeting schedules
  • Managing projects
  • Online access to databases and information
  • Interconnected voice assistants for communication

Top 6 Advantages of Voice AI

These are the top 6 advantages of incorporating Voice AI Assistant into workflows.

1. Enhancing Customer Relationships

By a long way, Voice AI has improved consumers’ lives. It is possible to pay for a pizza with just a few voice commands and get it delivered to your door. This is just a simple example of how Intelligent Voice Assistants have improved customer engagement in the past few years. Due to its conversational nature and ability to recognize trends, Voice AI helps brands better cater to consumers, making the customer feel more acknowledged and personal. As a result, identifying and resolving issues becomes much faster and more efficient with real-time solutions than drowsy long AI, which takes more consumer load. Using chatbots also ensures that phone calls, which keep customers waiting for hours sometimes, are reduced, and customer care is one of the most critical aspects of brand management, as any business will tell you.

2. Superior Lookup Ability

Typing is a highly time-consuming process regardless of the device. All faculties must be focused while typing, making multitasking extremely difficult. Voice AI eliminates this unnecessary redundancy quickly. AI can identify verbal cues needed to consolidate information and provide accurate results quickly and efficiently. In addition, the voice feature allows you to complete multiple tasks at the same time, thus freeing up your arms.

3. Customer Care All Day, All Night

If something malfunctions in your house at 10 pm on a Friday night, the frustration is unimaginable. You may have to wait until Monday to contact customer support. Now you don’t need to wait until Monday! AI-powered voice technology is here to help. The AI-backed voice bots are capable of answering all your questions with large packets of data and machine learning algorithms. Plus, you will have the same experience as talking with a real agent. Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enabling users to resolve tickets instantly, even at midnight.

4. Workplaces with more intelligent systems

Voice AI Technology can carry out some of these responsibilities during office hours to make the working space more efficient. In the office, the constant buzz and overwhelming pace of activity cause the workplace to look like a war control room. It is possible to install AI voice bots at front desks for visitors to be directed to the appropriate section. We can also utilize voice assistants for repetitive tasks or secretarial work.

5. Get Over The Language Barrier

The multilingual feature of a voice bot ensures that customer interaction is not limited by language. Businesses can reach a wider audience and resolve their problems in their native tongue by marketing to a broader audience. Boosting customer experience leads to several subsidiary benefits, including a boost in brand awareness and better consumer perception.

6. Maximize Marketing Opportunities

Especially in a market dominated by fast-paced lead generation and integration, Voice AI can prove to be invaluable. It can help you plan your campaigns, analyze your strategies, and understand your target audience deeply.

Why should I use Turabit Voice AI Assistants exclusively?

Enterprises are moving to AI voice bots at a faster rate than ever before. AI voice technology is unquestionably the next big thing! Organizations that integrate voice technology into their infrastructures enjoy superior economics, efficiency, and productivity.

If you want to get on board the AI Voice Tech ship, then Turabit AI is well equipped to assist you. With years of experience in voice technology, Turabit is familiar with all the methods required to help you achieve your goals.

One of the world’s most advanced real-time Voice AI products is Turabit Voice AI Assistant, which can handle autonomous conversations and deliver highly personalized customer engagement experiences. Learn more about us by scheduling a demo. Our pace of deployment and execution sets us apart.