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HR AI Assistant

Automates onboarding, offboarding, and day-to-day HR support needs.

HR AI Assistant

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Empower Your Employees

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TuVA Automates HR Support to Enhance Employee Experience

HR AI Assistant

Instant HR Support 24/7

HR teams do not have to worry about redundant tasks and queries to focus on what matters. TuVA provides immediate and accurate answers to common employee questions related to leave balance, holiday policy, benefits, insurance coverage & many more.

Consistent, timely, error-free Onboarding

With TuVA, expect smooth, consistent, and efficient onboarding employees with virtually no work or little work for HR or IT staff. TuVA works across IT, HR, and Admin to verify employment, provision software/e-mail, assign devices and grant access, update inventory and customize various IT/HR operations.

HR AI Assistant

Build Your A Player Team

TuVA makes it easy to find, onboard, and nurture “A” players by automating sourcing, screening, scheduling interviews, generating offers, and various HR procedures allowing HR to focus on critical processes to promote and develop a team of “A” players.

Reviews & Appraisals Made Easy

Various complex and manual tasks of performance review and appraisals are made easy by our Assistant. Assistant can be customized to automatically retrieve performance information from supervisors, colleagues, or non-conformities reported in e-mail, HRMS, or any portal.

HR AI Assistant

Inhouse & instant Health Insurance Assistance

Finding in-network doctors, insurance coverage clarity, and many other insurances questions support most companies not able to provide because of liability, constantly changing laws, and overwhelmed details. With TuVA Assistant, your employees can feel relieved with in-house and instant support.

Message Broadcasting

Message Broadcasting feature allows HR to share the information to multiple users simultaneously on different communication channels about the announcement, outage alert to employees with ease.

Offboarding employees without fail

Offboarding becomes much easier and faster as TuVA takes care of most exit formalities such as anonymous feedback, releasing license software automatically, and revoking permissions without any mistakes based on automatic workflow and authorization setup.

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