IT Help Desk
Empower your IT help desk staff to resolve tickets quickly & accurately
AI- powered smart IT Help Desk

At Turabit, we offer customized IT Help Desk Virtual Agent that handles support requests and offer quick resolutions. Enables IT helpdesk human agents to concentrate on complex queries, therefore saving time and expenses. Our dynamic virtual agent can help you in resolving your employee’s cumbersome and repetitive IT- issues in a fraction of the time leading to faster IT Help desk service at significantly reduced price

Streamline and speed up your IT help desk service with our Smart AI Assistant

Take control of your employees and monitor

  • Uninterrupted Tier 1 self-service as well as support
  • Unswerving mobile and cross-channel UX
  • Pertinent, responsive incident reporting
  • Automatic outage alerts and reports
  • Effortless access to system and asset requests
  • Rapid resolution of uncomplicated employee requests

Convert annoying interactions into quick resolutions

  • Convert annoying interactions into quick resolutions
  • Offer automated solutions to monotonous tasks like reset of password or offering information with spoken command or with simple text message
  • Simplify complex IT processes and reduce employee dissatisfaction with a scalable as well as personalized approach

Deploy and encourage self-service in 60 days

  • Partner with Turabit for quick AI Assistant deployment, optimization as well as implementation
  • Rule out replacement of existing system and enhance ongoing IT investments

Looking for a virtual 24×7 help desk assistant – Let’s develop a personalized Smart AI Assistant

What will you get?

Use NLP Technology
Smart AI Assistant integrated with NLP (Natural Language Processing) can provide real experience of self-service by directly interacting with IT systems for requesting hardware, reporting incidents and problems, finding information, and real conversational experience.
Increased IT support strength
Our intelligent AI Assistant can address frequent, repetitive IT Help Desk support issues which frees up experienced human resources to focus on more challenging, meaningful work which increases IT resources satisfaction.
Resolve IT tickets faster
Our virtual agent expertise in identifying IT helpdesk requests more quickly and more accurately than a human worker helps your IT staff to spend less time finding problems to solve and more time-solving problems.
Bolster your IT Staff
Virtual agents for IT help desk built by us are capable of answering queries, recommending solutions, and in understanding the skillset of your team member to divert task accordingly.
Empower legacy IT systems
Access the inbuilt integration with popular information technology service management platforms and connect with other major IT Help Desk systems using APIs.
Make your Smart AI Assistant distinctive
Discuss with us your believed abstraction of your Smart AI Assistant requirement and we will make a customized virtual agent that can handle 50% to 80% IT issues and free up your intelligent IT Helpdesk staff to solve complex issues.


Turabit can facilitate you in developing IT help desk virtual agent across all major social messaging channels to help your users and achieve SLAs. We possess a skilled team of developers who can design, develop, and deploy custom virtual chatbot that provide better IT helpdesk services and loyal customers. Our IT Helpdesk Smart AI Assistant utilizes advanced AI / ML (machine learning) technology to handle frequent IT helpdesk support requests and increase the speed of your IT helpdesk services.

Capture requirements and test accessibility to your systems
Capture requirements and test accessibility to your systems
Week 1
Week 1
Provide out of the box feature
Provide out of the box feature
Week 2
Week 2
Train NLP, developer customized use cases and Test
Train NLP, developer customized use cases and Test
Week 3
Week 3
Week 4
Week 4

Readily available IT Help Desk Smart AI Assistant features to greatly improve support efficiency

Incident Management

  • Create incidents
  • Get a notification when any incident gets updated
  • Convert incident to a problem ticket
  • Create problem
  • Get a notification when problems are submitted
  • Submit new change request
  • Create change request for current incident/problem
  • Update the status of change request whether requested, approved, or rejected
  • Get notification for new change requests
  • Include a note to task
  • Get a notification for task updates
  • Check common IT reports such as Critical Updates, Scheduled Change Requests, and more

Outage Management

  • Check out for existing outages
  • Send alerts to affected end users, and IT management regarding reported outages
  • Find current status of resource or system
  • Make outage report

Knowledge Base

  • Request information from knowledge base

Asset & Security Management

  • Request for new device or replacement
  • Get a notification for asset requests
  • Update asset request whether approve or reject
  • Get details of asset such as model, device statistics, and serial number
  • Add a comment to request
  • Check asset inventory
  • Suspend or disable device
  • Reset device password
  • Reset network password (Network, VPN, AD, etc.)

System Access Requests

  • Access request for systems or resources
  • Get a notification for access requests
  • Update status of access request whether approved, pending, or rejected
  • Check or open access requests report