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IT Helpdesk Automation: 5 trends to watch out in 2021


In a July 2020 survey that comprised 899 C-suite executives, senior managers across industries, and domain specialties, McKinsey & Company found that companies are now adopting digitization in internal operations, supply chains, and customer service at a pace never seen before. Adding to that, the share of digitally enabled products in their portfolio has accelerated by almost 6 years in North America.

Among the several digitally enabled products AI-based chatbots have witnessed the fastest rate of adoption. Let’s take a quick look at the reason:

  • ~ 50% of large companies surveyed by Accenture and Gartner are likely to invest more in chatbots and IT help desk software.
  • The rate of adoption of chatbots is more than 60% among B2B companies and 42% in B2C (Boomtown)
  • Here’s the Industry-wide adoption of chatbots.

  • The U.S. leads the list of countries with the highest number of chatbot help desk automation sites with over 15,515 sites. This is followed by Australia (1009), the UK (2667), the Netherlands (684), and Canada (1265).
  • 53% of the organizations use chatbots within their IT department to support the IT resources, 23% use them for the administrative department and 20% for the customer service department, shows a Spiceworks research.

Why would I need IT Helpdesk Automation?

As the Mckinsey report stated above suggests the adoption of digital tools have accelerated by almost six years in North America whereas the global adoption rate has accelerated by seven years.

Covid-19 has definitely done some good by compelling businesses to adapt and innovate new digital modes of working. isn’t it? By not deploying the right automation tools to your help desk, you are missing out on the following opportunities:

  • To improve productivity
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Manual resetting of passwords and unlocking of accounts are yesterday’s news. With AI-based chatbots powering your IT helpdesk, you don’t have to spend time assigning access rights to folders and applications to other colleagues who are probably working hundreds of miles away from your office location.

Trends In IT Helpdesk Automation In 2021

Below are the trends that are going to shape IT helpdesk automation from 2021 and beyond.

01. The AI Chatbot Industry Growth Is Unstoppable

The chatbot industry for both internal and external communications is up for serious disruption. While the share of internal communication (IT Department) and support system is greater than the external communication (Sales department) part, businesses are going to invest heavily in cognitive computing.

While chatbot can be rightfully called a byproduct of cognitive computing; an application the market for which is going to increase at the rate of 30% CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) between the period 2021 to 2025. Up to $77.5 billion.

02. Emerging Service Delivery Model

The service delivery model is rapidly undergoing a transition that was never seen before. The old service delivery model involves, an employee trying to find information via self-service portals or by submitting tickets, phone calls, emails, or raising a ticket to get support.

This would be followed by a long waiting period since the service agents’ availability would be limited as compared to the number of problems that they have to cater to.

In the present context, with an AI-based chatbot, all that an employee needs to do is to select the right option to the questions raised by the virtual assistant, and there you are. In case you are not satisfied with the resolution executed by the virtual assistant a ticket is automatically raised and you get connected with a support agent immediately. No more waiting in queues to get your problem solved.

The stark difference between the two models is the following:

  • Employees don’t have to raise tickets and wait for hours or sometimes days for the resolution.
  • The chatbot powered by artificial intelligence is capable to resolve employee issues be it technical in nature or otherwise.

03. Agents Empowered By AI

The year 2021, has been phenomenal in many ways and one among them is the rising level of conscience by both technology providers and consumers. Gone are the days of one size fits all system; this is the age of customization.

This is exactly where Turabit IT assistant comes in. Customized IT helpdesk virtual agent handle all support requests and offer quick resolutions. This enables IT helpdesk human agents to focus on more complex queries thereby saving time and expenses.

AI-powered systems streamline and speed up your IT helpdesk service in the following ways:

  • Uninterrupted Tier 1 self-service as well as support.
  • Pertinent, responsive incident reporting.
  • Automatic outage alerts and reports.
  • Offer automated solutions to monotonous tasks like a reset of password or offering information with a spoken command or with a simple text message.

Here is the basic difference between conventional and Turabit’s Service Desk AI Assistant.

Conventional Service Desk supportTuVA – Service Desk AI Assistant
Limited time (9 to 5 only)Anytime – 24 x 7
Wait time (hours to days)Instant resolution (seconds)
No choice or limited channel choiceMultiple Omni Channel to choose from Webchat, Mobile chat, MS Team, Email, Ticketing system
Vary service from agent to agentConsistent service, consistent resolution
No or limited AnalyticsAdvanced AI Analytics for better decision making
Manual and inconsistentProactive, preventive solution
High Service cost25% cost
Frustrated employeesEmpowered employees
Frustrated support team working on repetitive, mundane issuesEmpowered support team focusing on complex or business initiative

04. With Big Data Take Big Decisions

IT as a department has multiple touchpoints across various domains that run your business which makes it the only channel with access to a huge volume of data. These data carry immense insights that are critical for success in the business.

With early-stage analysis of these data can reveal problems in business and IT at an early stage which helps in reducing costs while increasing the quality of IT service delivery.

This is one of many reasons, why Turabit’s IT assistant is the best in the industry as it allows integration with other business intelligence tools that can mine valuable information from helpdesk data. Turabit’s IT Assistants can resolve tickets created through Omni-channels like ITSM – IT Service Management Software or Helpdesk ticketing systems, emails, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Slack, and many more.

05. Leverage The Power Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is one of the crucial technologies that has redefined end users’ IT experience. Earlier we used to perform the operation manually but now smart AI Assistants are able to perform high-volume tasks, engaging in chats and conversations with the help of RPA.

RPA handles structured data whereas AI is using semi-structured/unstructured data. Turabit’s AI Assistants powered with RPA instantly and accurately resolve user requests, and issues autonomously using the dynamic knowledge base, personalized touch, and proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms. By automating complex workflows end-to-end, conversational RPA helpdesk saves precious time for both your employees and your support teams.

Turabit’s Smart Assistants equipped with AI and RPA are configurable and perform certain tasks like triggering appropriate responses and executing tasks in a rule-based manner without any mistakes. That’s why Turabit’s AI Assistant can increase employees’ experience to a new level, upgrade your IT support services and generate ROI within 2-4 months of deployment with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Let’s connect to discuss YOUR Processes, Workflow, and ServiceDesk issues to develop your smart Assistant powered by AI & RPA!

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