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Make your HR look good with AI

This digital era has paved the way for businesses to pursue a lot of automation and advance technology in the system. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled assistants are the leading tools for this. They have the power to accommodate the way an organization is supposed to work and collaborate. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not restricted to advanced groups of humanoid robots or automobiles; instead, it is now widely accepted in IT, E-Commerce, Finance, HR, Healthcare, and Customer services.

Turabit HR AI Assistant – TuVA is a revolutionary tool that has helped various enterprises automate a large share of day-to-day employee administrative tasks, which enabled Human Resources to focus on leadership, strategic and value-added tasks that are impactful for growth.

How has AI helped Human Resource (HR) look good?

This cognitive technology understands your business and the daily HR operations and learns to deliver efficiently and reliably. The HR Assistant uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to understand human communication and provides meaningful results accordingly. It can connect with up-to-date employee handbooks, policy documents, CRMs, and other related software to resolve employees’ queries instantly in real-time.

With the vision to empower humanity with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to eliminate customary and extend creativity, Turabit is changing how companies support their employees. From HR onboarding to performance evaluation, from leaves to payslips, It understands, analyzes employee’s need, and provide the right solution consistently in seconds, using enterprise-level conversational AI Assistants.

What can the HR AI Assistant do?

Make your HR look good with AI

HR AI Assistant provides immediate and accurate answers to common employee questions related to leave balance, holiday policy, benefits, insurance coverage & many more. You can expect smooth, consistent, and efficient onboarding employees with virtually no work or little work for HR or IT staff. It works across IT, HR, and Admin to verify employment, provision software/email, assign devices and grant access, update inventory and customize various IT/HR operations. It makes it easy to find, onboard, and nurture “A” players by automating sourcing, screening, scheduling interviews, and generating offers.

HR AI Assistant can be customized to retrieve performance information automatically from supervisors, colleagues, non-conformities reported in email, HRMS, or any portal. Its message broadcasting feature allows HR to share the information to multiple users simultaneously on different communication channels about the announcement, outage alert to employees with ease. It takes care of most exit formalities such as anonymous feedback, releasing license software automatically, revoking permissions without any mistakes based on automatic workflow and authorization setup.

Human Resources (HR) has now evolved and convicted to the use of AI tools as it is helping them in maintaining and organizing a lot of data and information and making real-time decision making. The organization, in return, is experiencing an improved and developed workforce – better and quicker.

With TuVA, you can control and customize the range of service, level of understanding/access, and impact at a rapid phase. TuVA makes interaction human-like only accurate and fast without compromising the compliances. Enterprises can reduce up to 70-75% cost reduction due to increase in employees’ productivity and reduce in HR workload. Adaptation and deployment of this conversational AI will result in higher ROI, and it empowers your organization to perform at its best.

Let us lighten the load and take proactive measures to meet the demands of today and the future. 

Make your HR look good with AI

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