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  • This emoji could mean your suicide risk is high, according to AI
    February 13, 2020

    Since its founding in 2013, the free mental health support service Crisis Text Line has focused on using data and technology to better aid those who reach out for help.  Unlike helplines that offer assistance based on the order in which users dialed, texted, or messaged, Crisis Text Line has an algorithm that determines who is in most urgent need of counseling. The nonprofit is particularly interested in learning which emoji and words texters use when their suicide risk is high, so as to quickly …

  • This reconfigurable robot builds its own track — Strictly Robots
    February 12, 2020

    The RCTR is able to change its entire body shape on a link-by-link basis.  Read more…More about Robots, Mashable Video, Strictly Robots, Tech, and Innovations

  • 'The worst recipe-generating algorithm in existence' made Jell-O even grosser
    February 7, 2020

    Let's face it: Jell-O is already gross enough. The boiled bones, sugar, and coloring concoction is a "food" best left to children and drunken college freshmen. And now, apparently, neural nets.  Janelle Shane, an author, blogger, and researcher, made the case for the latter by combining machine learning with a bunch of Jell-O recipes and letting the results run wild.  Oh boy, run wild it did.   "WHAT HAS OCCURRED CANNOT BE UNDONE," she wrote on Twitter. "I have trai …

  • Facebook sends cease-and-desist to facial recognition startup Clearview AI over photo scraping
    February 6, 2020

    Facial recognition software startup Clearview AI has been under fire over revelations it's been training its machine learning algorithm on billions of publicly available photos, including public personal images scraped from social media without permission. Now Facebook has become the latest tech giant to tell the controversial company to quit it. A spokesperson for Facebook told Buzzfeed News that it has sent "multiple letters" to Clearview asking that it cease and desist scraping …

  • Controversial facial recognition company claims it has a First Amendment right to your public photos
    February 5, 2020

    Hoan Ton-That, CEO of creepy facial recognition company Clearview AI, made the bold claim on Tuesday that his company has the right to publicly posted photos on Twitter and wielded the First Amendment as his reason.  Clearview AI faced heat after it was discovered they had mined billions of publicly accessible images from Facebook and Ton-That's comments prove the company isn't backing down. EXCLUSIVE: The founder of a facial recognition company described as both “groundbreaking” and “ …