Build a Smart AI Assistant that automates & optimizes your customer support processes

What our customer says

Turabit AI Assisted TCS in achieving new heights with help of Smart AI Asst by increasing in new leads, 24×7 customer support and product information without engaging extra manpower. TCS presence in market 24×7 with Smart AI brings them huge brand value and increasing in business growth and revenue

TCS strongly recommands to all enterprises to get started services of Turabit AI Asst as early as possible to ease workload and life.

AI-powered Service Smart AI Assistant

At Turabit, we create smart conversational Assistant for support staff using Natural Language technology that offers agent more time to receive, process, as well as respond to the service tickets. Even, it helps managers in getting the information necessary to monitor and know the ticket volume, performance of agent and time consumed to provide resolution.

Smart AI Assistant to improve SLA and support agents

Aid agents with a holistic support tool

    • Standard, simplified mobile and cross-channel UX
    • Difficult data entry converted into 10 second conversations
    • Quick escalation and resolution of in-house issues or tier 1 support requirements
  • Notifications that keep agents updated about on high priority tickets

Meet business needs with best use of resources

  • Boost the number of tickets agents can close each month by removing data entry steps
  • Decrease customer churn by allowing service teams escalate ticket or get complex answers quicker
  • On-demand reports to evaluate agents, teams, and companies ticket volume and performance through KPIs

Rise from zero to ROI in 3 - 4 weeks

  • Accelerate speed-to-market by joining hands with Turabit for optimizing and implementing
  • No need to deploy new software, just improve ticket management investments with smart AI assistant

Looking for end-to-end support ticket management – Talk to us!


What will you get?

Conversational UI
Employees can immediately interact with systems of record and accomplish tasks via a conversational user interface.
Omni-channel service
Integrate smart AI Assistant with your company’s portal, email, SMS, email, and other messaging apps for increasing agent productivity, improving ticket accuracy, expedite response times, and boost support experiences.
Adhere to regulatory requirements
Avail secure AI Assistant messaging, built-in access controls, eDiscovery, data retention and user authentication.
Brand your Smart AI Assistant
Discuss with us your Smart AI Assistant development idea and we will help you with a plan of action for an efficient 24×7 service assistant.
Evolve your Smart AI Assistant
Our Smart AI Assistants are developed on a powerful Smart AI Assistant development platform, offering you scalability and flexibility necessary for adding functionality in your Smart AI Assistant.

Why choose Turabit for service smart AI assistant development

Turabit can help you to build service smart AI Assistant’s on all major social messaging channels to help your customers interact as per your requirements. We can design, build, and deploy customized Smart AI Assistant that help the support staff in excellent ticket management improving SLA. Our Service Smart AI Assistant empowers team managers in getting complete information to scrutinize and understanding ticket volume. Gauging performance of agent and analyzing time taken to provide resolution.

Talk to our team of intelligent AI Assistant experts to develop a customized Smart AI Assistant for ticket management service that gives your support staff more time to receive, work upon, and respond to service tickets.

Capture requirements and test accessibility to your systems
Capture requirements and test accessibility to your systems
Week 1
Week 1
Begin development and test API connectivity
Begin development and test API connectivity
Week 2
Week 2
Train NLP, developer customized use cases and Test
Train NLP, developer customized use cases and Test
Week 3
Week 3
End of Week 4
End of Week 4

Powerful smart AI Assistant features to resolve service requests quickly

Service Ticket Management

  • Create ticket
  • Escalate ticket
  • Add comments to ticket
  • Get full ticket details
  • Check tickets by due date
  • Check high priority open tickets
  • Find possible solutions for a ticket
  • Get notification when a ticket’s due date nears
  • Check all tickets assigned to a concerned person
  • Check all tickets created on a specific date
  • Generate service request report with text as well as attachments
  • Update service request ticket

Ticket Metrics & Reporting

  • Pull complete service desk KPI report
  • Pull overall service desk KPI report