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The Smart AI IT Helpdesk Assistant helped employees to resolve issues within 3 to 5 seconds which increased productivity & reduced IT technical support need by 24%.

-Vishal Rajpara, CTO, Casepoint​


Challenges in July, 2018​

Case Point Case Study
Case Point Case Study
Case Point Case Study
Case Point Case Study


Casepoint set Goals for Turabit LLC to achieve

Case Point Case Study


Based on analysis of GU requirements and vision, Turabit implemented Smart AI Assistant.

Provided seamless IT Support to employees on multiple channels – Mobile, Webchat & MS Teams.
Integrated with database, servers and ticketing tool.
Supported features such as System support, Outlook features, Browser issues, VPN support.
Proactively fine-tuned systems, alerted for system upgrades in advances.
Increased employee productivity and tech support effectiveness.


Casepoint Got ROI in 90 Days

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Employees Supported
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Tickets addressed (92% success)
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