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Improve Customer Engagement

& experience using TuVA CX AI Assistant


  • Obverse is an Information Technology consulting firm located in Washington, DC.
  • They are specialized in enterprise architecture, system integration, customer application development, including wireless and web application.
  • They provide leading-edge enterprise solutions to commercial companies and government organizations.
  • They work to stay abreast of the new & latest technology to better service its market.

“Turabit's Customer Experience AI Assistant helped us to improve our customer satisfaction rate & resolve their queries in real-time 24 x 7, which allowed my team to focus on key business initiatives.”

Happy Client


Challenges in July, 2018​

Obverse Case Study
Obverse Case Study
Obverse Case Study
Obverse Case Study


With such challenges, client realized the need for automation. They set below goals for the same:

Obverse Case Study


Our client partnered with Turabit Solutions and implemented Smart Cx AI Assistant called TuVA, which supports the following tasks:

Fulfil customer's needs in timely manner.
Resolving their requests/issues in real time through our Automated Cx Assistant for 24*7.
Generate leads from website traffic.
Primarily providing the products/services and customer support on our Assistant.


As in result, client got Return on Investment (ROI) within 90 days by achieving following things:

0 %
queries resolved in real time by the AI Assistant.
hours saved in productivity.
0 +
Customers Supported.
0 $
invested,saved/ generated