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Service Desk AI Assistant

Resolve complex service desk issues in seconds and boost productivity for exceptional employee experiences.

Service Desk AI Assistant

Service Desk AI Assistant?

Using leading technologies – AI & RPA, TuVA – offers instant resolution to most IT issues with personalized conversational touch.

Conventional Service Desk support

TuVA - Service Desk AI Assistant

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Featured Capabilities

Highlights of few features which make employees and Service Desk Team life easier.

Onboarding Employees

With TuVA, expect smooth, consistent, and efficient onboarding. TuVA works across IT, HR, and Admin to:

Offboarding Employees

With the help of TuVA, not only just the Onboarding process but the offboarding process also becomes easier & faster. It allows:

System performance Improvement:

High-performing IT systems are critical for the performance of employees and hence critical to any organization. TuVa makes sure your system is running at the highest level by automatically performing:

Outlook Support:

From stuck outlook issue to slow outlook issue, from configuring outlook to setting signature, TuVA has it covered. With TuVa, Outlook operations and outlook troubleshooting become instant and easy for your employees.

Software Management:

TuVA allows Users to perform Software-related operations within fraction of seconds without waiting for days or manual intervention by the IT Support Team.

Password reset & user management:

TuVa makes password reset easy and immediate and allows users to update their e-mail or phone by themselves without long wait and delay.

TuVA for Admin: When many employees join or leave the organization, IT Admin requires countless hours of manual operation. With TuVA, bulk operations such as creating, updating, enabling, disabling system users, or changing group policies become super easy.

E-mail & DL Management:

An e-mail has significantly changed the way of communication with each other across the globe. It plays a vital role in the Business community, from everyday communications to reach out to clients or customers. An E-mail has made business simpler & processes easier. With the help of Group/DL User should be able to send the same e-mail to multiple people in one shot.

With TuVA, Users can perform the following ELDL related operations:

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