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Leadership Team

Haresh Vataliya

Co- Founder & CTO
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Kapil Patel

Co-Founder & Customer Champion
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Chiman Rafalia

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing
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Hitesh Vagh

Business Development Head
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Do you want to be a part of our team that is changing the world? 

We are looking for motivated individuals to use their skills and experience to make an impact on the world.

You will work with a diverse group of talented people who are looking for a companion like you.

Co- Founder & CTO

Haresh Vataliya is the Co-Founder & CTO of Turabit. Haresh brings more than 15 years of IT industry experience to the company.He is serial entrepreneur and founded multiple multi million dollars technology product companies.

Before Turabit, he executed and introduced value-added tech offerings to clients and developed competitive solutions while serving as Managing Director of FTI Consulting. Haresh is a graduate of the University of Phoenix, holds a Master’s in Information System Management.

Co Founder & Customer Champion

Kapil is the Co-Founder and Customer Champion of Turabit. Kapil brings over 15 years of IT industry experience in customer support, engagement, and technology integration.

Kapil started his career as a Software Engineer, where he designed, developed, integrated, and implemented enterprise-level systems in various industry verticals. Kapil poses a Master’s in Mechatronics System Engineering from Lancaster University, UK.

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Chiman is the Co-Founder and Director at Turabit. He is an experienced motivational entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in tech automation, cement, and real estate. Chiman brings in a massive 25 years of expertise in leading, strategizing, and delivering successful marketing initiatives.

He spearheaded a large team in driving rapid adoption of first-to-market technologies, resulting in sustained demand and revenue growth. Before Turabit, he founded and marketed multiple enterprises to great success in a short period. He believed in turning ideas into reality and keeping customers/employees happy as his top priority.

Business Development Head

Hitesh Vagh brings years of sturdy sales experience in multiple industry verticals like Transport Logistics, Healthcare, Retail, Managers Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Real Estate, Automobiles, Education, Retail, and many more.

Hitesh has provided advanced IT solutions to automate businesses and bring efficiency and improve customer and employee satisfaction. He has a proven ability to help organizations improve performance using analytics and data-driven decision-making processes. He has a track record of building solid relationships with both functional teams and clients.