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Why Turabit University AI Assistant?
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Smart Universities with AI

AI assistants can help universities secure more course registrations and increase admissions. An enhanced education system means more satisfied students and a better reputation for university.

Advanced AI Chatbots

We are the best chatbot service provider on the east coast of the United States. With a mission of empowering various domains such as Businesses, Education, Healthcare, Construction, Etc.

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HR AI Assistant - Turabit
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Make your HR look good with AI

The HR AI Assistant is an AI-based automated solution that focuses on helping the HR reps transform the work experience and navigating and simplifying the complexities of modern-day HR activities.

Smart Conversational

Turabit’s Customer Experience AI Assistant helps to improve our customer satisfaction rate & resolve their queries in real-time 24 x 7, which allowed my team to focus on key business initiatives

How to support more customer without increasing Employee headcount
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Intelligent Universities with

University AI Assistant of Turabit resolves repetitive queries of Students’ within a minute. Which allows admin staff to work on more important tasks.

MS Teams Troubleshooting

Discover how AI assistants can AI assistant can be used to troubleshoot MS Teams issues quickly in just a few minutes so your IT operations can run smoothly, and help you to reduce the workload of IT support.

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