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Why Turabit University AI Assistant?
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Smart Universities with AI

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AI assistants can help universities secure more course registrations and increase admissions. An enhanced education system means more satisfied students and a better reputation for university.

Advanced AI Chatbots

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We are the best chatbot service provider on the east coast of the United States. With a mission of empowering various domains such as Businesses, Education, Healthcare, Construction, Etc.

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HR AI Assistant - Turabit
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Make your HR look good with AI

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The HR AI Assistant is an AI-based automated solution that focuses on helping the HR reps transform the work experience and navigating and simplifying the complexities of modern-day HR activities.

Smart Conversational

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Turabit’s Customer Experience AI Assistant helps to improve our customer satisfaction rate & resolve their queries in real-time 24 x 7, which allowed my team to focus on key business initiatives

How to support more customer without increasing Employee headcount
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Intelligent Universities with

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University AI Assistant of Turabit resolves repetitive queries of Students’ within a minute. Which allows admin staff to work on more important tasks.

MS Teams Troubleshooting

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Discover how AI assistants can AI assistant can be used to troubleshoot MS Teams issues quickly in just a few minutes so your IT operations can run smoothly, and help you to reduce the workload of IT support.

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