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Work It The Turabit Way

In a world that is constantly brimming with new and old buzzwords, the companionship of the technology industry and jargon deserves a special place. Initialisms, abbreviations, and acronyms surround us, sometimes making casual listeners – Google the mentioned terms. Now you might have heard about artificial intelligence, smart systems, or virtual reality, but what about XR or AR? Or MR, for that matter? And we haven’t even started yet. Even for those with simpler names, these technologies can be pretty vague, which makes their accurate and optimum utilization a challenge in itself. For instance, what is a virtual assistant, and what can it do for an enterprise? If the literal meaning of a virtual assistant helps you but has no physical entity, what makes a chatbot, digital humans, and search engines different? Where does AI or artificial intelligence fit in all of this? And why do organizations need these AI-powered assistants?

To answer all such questions in the most simplified and practical manner while designing and developing AI-driven intelligent assistants for different industry verticals, Turabit started its journey in artificial intelligence and its integration with redundant, day-to-day tasks.

Turabit strives to empower human beings with artificial intelligence-based tools to remove the manual efforts in rote tasks, shifting their focus toward more creative work. Turabit has transformed enterprises’ support toward customers and employees in the last few years. By utilizing enterprise-grade conversational AI Assistants, Turabit is helping organizations provide the right solutions for issues related to customer queries, IT problems, customer orders, or HR onboarding.

The Intelligent Approach: The Turabit Approach

Work It The Turabit Way

At Turabit, we firmly believe that almost all human-to-machine interaction can be automated to a certain extent, transforming the customer and employee experience. Most of these digital experiences occur in conversational interaction and transform the interactive experience between enterprises and key stakeholders, including partners, customers, and employees. A successful digital interaction should be natural, simple, and efficient, requiring out-of-the-box thinking. Here enters the Turabit approach!

Turabit’s comprehensive, end-to-end intelligent AI Assistants result from in-depth research and an agile approach. Our solutions address the pain point of clients and bridge the unidentified yet crucial gaps in different industry verticals, resulting in seamless functioning. Innovation being the backbone of Turabit drives our solutions which aid our clients to create a strong foothold in the uber-competitive market. We believe the next era would be of new and digitized humans, focusing on innovation and creativity. Turabit’s intelligent AI assistants are laying the foundation of this era by taking care of rote processes, thus allowing employees to invest their time and efforts in more creative tasks.

Turabit’s Smart Assistants and Their Features

Work It The Turabit Way

Turabit has developed a line of solutions and products which help enterprises leverage the power of artificial intelligence to deliver highly customized experiences to their customers, partners, and employees. Let’s have a look at them:

Service Desk AI Assistant

Usually, enterprises have a dedicated support team to address Service Desk issues. In such a scenario, tickets are raised, mails are sent, or the Service Desk is called, and then the individual or team has to wait. Enters TuVA: Turabit’s Service Desk AI Assistant. TuVa directly interacts with employees to understand and resolve such issues in no time.


  • AD Management and support
  • Software Management and support
  • System Performance Management
  • Outlook support
  • Intelligent Knowledge Management
  • User and password management
  • Smart Conversational Ticketing

CX AI Assistant

Turabit’s CX (Customer Experience) AI Assistant offers 24X7 AI-driven support to customers and the support team to address different issues and queries in real-time. From feedback collection and lead generation to customer verification and improving sales with detailed customer analytics, our CX AI Assistant is enriching the customer experience journey.


  • 24/7 Customer-Service on Any Device
  • Better understanding of the industry with detailed and context-driven interactive resolutions
  • A highly dynamic knowledge base for improved customer
  • support Multiple reaches, single face platform
  • AI and NLP driven voice conversations
  • Improved rate of lead generation

HR AI Assistant

Turabit’s HR AI Assistant is all about automating the different processes of the HR department and helping HR reps navigate the complex yet rote tasks of an enterprise’s workforce. By integrating HR AI Assistant with a database including policy documents, employee handbooks, CRMs, and other deployed applications, this AI-driven software can address employees’ concerns in real-time.


  • 24X7 and immediate HR support
  • On-time and error-free onboarding of new employees
  • Ease of reviewal and appraisal process
  • Improved, instant, and in-house health insurance assistance
  • Ease of message broadcasting
  • Faster and easier offboarding
  • Intelligent Knowledge Management
  • Smart Conversational Ticketing

University AI Assistant

University AI Assistant by Turabit handles thousands of student queries in an educational institution like university in real-time. Ranging from fees and course details, career services, admission process, placement details to financial aid, dorms details, and student affairs – Turabit’s University AI Assistant is capable of answering any such query within seconds, saving them the valuable time of administrative staff and faculty members.


  • Automated career assistance
  • Ease of admission process
  • Ease of procedures related to financial aids
  • Promotion of online programs
  • HR, Student Affairs, Housing & many other supports
  • Easy integration to the University CRM, ERP, or HRM systems


We are not done yet! At Turabit, our work doesn’t end at resolving a specific issue with our intelligent solutions. We believe that our solutions are meant for everyone, irrespective of the department or industry verticals. That’s why we have designed our Smart AI Assistants so that they can be easily customized according to your requirements. We understand that every enterprise has its own business goals, needs, problems, and gaps. Turabit’s easy to deploy and integrate solutions can be customized to match and meet your requirements, thus fitting your business model and operations most perfectly!

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