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University AI Assistant

A virtual self-service assistant for colleges and universities

About University AI Assistant

Why Our University AI Assistant?

To answers students’ questions day and night and make your student support service responsive, productive, and efficient.

Conventional support

TuVA – University AI Assistant

Featured Capabilities

End-to-end virtual support solutions for your education institution.

University AI Assistant

Career Assistant

Assists students in career selection, personality assessment, resume/cover letter/interview preparation, getting internships, co-op programs, and jobs. Assists employer with automatic shortlisting students based on skills and placement drive registration.


Our AI Assistant assists with the admission process by filling out application forms, finding program details, questions regarding tuition costs, deadlines, and enrollment procedures.

Financial Aid

University AI Assistant supports students applying for scholarships, work-study, grants, and loans as refunds, tuition payments, and other campus-specific procedures.

Online Programs

Promote your online programs and additional services through our AI assistant as it gives information to potential students about relevant courses. An assistant helps with lead generation through outreach campaigns and message broadcasting.

University AI Assistant

HR, Student Affairs, Housing & many other supports

Easily Customizable for any department to provide the most popular, relevant, and up-to-date information requested by students by integrating with various University CRM, ERP, or HRM systems to pull data or perform operations for students.

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