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Generating Quality sales leads

through CX AI Assistant.


  • The Construction Store, TCS is an online store for the construction and home improvement industry.
  • It was established in 2015 by industry professionals having more than 100 years of collective experience.
  • The Construction Store offers the entire gamut of construction and home improvement products online. They have different Products range from building materials, electrical, flooring, wood and laminates, bathroom fittings, electrical items, lighting, hardware, door and window, safety, and security stock.

“As we wanted to grow and become the largest online store to buy construction material and services, we anticipated our expense increases to support more customers. Turabit helped us to reduce our support cost significantly and helped us to generate online leads. Most importantly improved our customer experience as they have instant support 24 x 7.”

Happy Client


Challenges in July, 2018​

Construction Store
Construction Store
Construction Store
Construction Store


With such challenges, they realized the need for automation. They set below goals for the same:

Construction Store


The client partnered with Turabit for developing customized CX AI Assistant with following capabilities:


Providing the products information on Assistant.


Generating efficient leads with their requirements


Automatically resolving the customer queries in real time for 24*7


As in result, client got Return on Investment (ROI) within 90 days by achieving following things:

0 %
Auto resolution rate.
Users supported.
0 %
Leads collected led to increased revenue.
0 %
Reduction in customer response time.