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vTech IT Helpdesk

Offers 24x7 Self Service Support.


  • vTech is an IT firm based out Washington DC that offers Cloud Computing & Professional Services Exa. 24*7 Service Desk Solutions. vTech’s core focus is on Solving Client’s Business Problems & provides all Services to the Customers without compromising on Quality.
  • vTech IT Service desk offers an organization to automate their processes & workflows through automation, which handles organizations all ITSM services, Instantly Identifies the Issue/Requests & processes users all IT-related Issues or Service requests.
  • vTech has extensive IT Services experience in Government & Commercial sector.
  • vTech team members have experience and in-depth knowledge across a range of industries, which offers various services such as Cloud Assessment, Optimized Infrastructure Support, Security services, AI & Digital solutions in multiple locations working on-premises and remotely.
  • We have dedicated resources to provide an immediate response and a quick turnaround. We deliver the right services and solutions on time with a very high priority on customer satisfaction.
  • With development centers in foreign countries and India – vTech works with leaders in mobility and is present where the ecosystem is transforming.
  • vTech have IT Support team working in various department, Cloud Assessment, Optimized Infrastructure Support, Security services etc.

The Smart AI IT Helpdesk Assistant helped employees to resolve our 41% IT Level-1 issues within 3 to 5 seconds which increased employee productivity & reduced IT technical support need by 21%.

-Kartik Hirpara, vTech


vTech was facing the below issues​

Uprize Case Study

Long Waiting Period for resolving routine technical issues.

Uprize Case Study

Higher IT Support Cost

Uprize Case Study

Limited Time duration for IT Support Team and resources.

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Not having a Deeper Insight Knowledge into technical issues.

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Manual Process takes lot of time for resolving IT Issues.

Vtech Case Study

Employees Not Getting Timely Help from IT Support Team.

With the above consistent issues, vTech obtain the need for automation

Uprize Case Study
Uprize Case Study
Uprize Case Study
Uprize Case Study
Uprize Case Study
Uprize Case Study
Vtech Case Study
Uprize Case Study
Uprize Case Study
Vtech Case Study


Based on analysis of vTech requirements and vision, Turabit implemented Smart AI IT Service Desk called vTech Remote Support

Provided seamless IT Support to Employees which boosts their Productivity.
Provide Multiple channel support, i.e., Webchat & MS Teams
Supported more than 100 out-of-box features which includes Software Management, ELDL Management, Outlook Issues, User Management Operations, Stuck Outlook Issues etc.
Automated Onboarding/ Offboarding Process from AI Assistant
Proactive system maintenance & recommendations for upgrade
Integration with Solar Wind, Employees can also raise tickets via Email or Solar Wind Portal itself.
Providing VPN support to Employees.
Increased Employee satisfaction.
Easy and friendly configuration from Dashboard


As in result, vTech got ROI in 90 days by achieving the followings things

0 +
Employees Supported
Hours saved in productivity
0 +
Tickets addressed (90% success)
0 $
Invested, reaped return of